Kasi(varanasi) – It has been the divine destination for all Indians to be visited at least once in their life time. What is so significant about this city? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know from the eyes of an enlightened master..


Guruji Sundar, the enlightened master of our times at the Ganges, Varanasi

This website is to unravel “The Real Kasi” (varanasi). This is an attempt to bring out the holiness of the city, the sanctity of Ganga Matha and The Jeeva samadhis and Jala Samadhis of saints that have been hidden over the ages and more mysteries such as Death, Yagna, Aghoris coming out in the open.¬† Watch out Guruji Sundar’s perspective after His real time experiences with these dimensions of Kasi in his own words!!!

Guruji Sundar being a realized master of present times  from South India had a deep connection and call from the holiest city of Varanasi. He started visiting the city frequently and recently tied up with a south Indian Television Channel to bring out the sanctity and divine secrets of the holy city. Guruji Sundar has practiced Kundalini Yoga for more than 30 years and also did divine thiruppani (seva) for several Jeeva Samadhi temples in Tamilnadu. He is the founder of Aathman Awareness Centre, Chennai РA meditation centre that has benefited spiritual seekers worldwide. His experience is beyond language and straight to the inner core of our being.

What to watch out for!!!

Saints of Kashi

Ganga Matha – Her real form

How to bathe, approach and worship the holy Ganga River

Death, why is it so significant in the city?


Spiritual places within Kashi

Unfolding the myth of Sarnath

A saint in the BHU

and many more!!!!

Coming Soon!!!!